Thursday, August 13, 2015

Feel like writing..

As Salam All..

I just feel like writing something. Hujan ribut kat luar ofis ni..Banyak pokok tumbang..kompem jalan jem gila..So aku pun mula menulis..Bukannya xde kerja..Sebab terlampau banyak sangat kerja sampai xtau nk mula kat mana..

All my team members resigned including immediate superior..some opt for VSS, some transferred to other Divisions making their effort matters and some left for betterment in life..Unlike me which is still in the same paradigm that would not shift to a different level..

Sometimes i do wonder that is this really happening.. which is already happened..waste of time thinking..waste of time for you to read also..Hape la org ni..Tido lagi baik..

In the current economy, i felt like it would be risky to grasp another job..or i am being too conservative/careful..Goyang kot..Wan Emdibi punya scandal..RM pun jatuh..Price of goods constantly rising.. Tengok la..A lot of work to do in office..but still..we need to think about all this crap also..

Hadoii..cakap byk2 pun x guna..we are not God to dictate who is right or wrong..we are just embrace life..It is what it is..Just face it..Insha Allah..there is something in for us..